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The $36 billion Al Maktoum airport expansion project put on hold

Al Maktoum airport

According to some sources, the AL Maktoum Airport expansion project has been delayed, the international project was about to complete by the year 2025 and handle 120 million passengers a year.

In 2013, the airport opened its doors to passengers which had an aim to be one of the biggest airports in the world, however, it only handles a handful of Dubai’s traffic.

The AL Maktoum airport is named after Dubai’s ruling family and had secured a $3 billion loan last year to develop the airport.

According to some sources, the loan has not been used to develop the airport’s expansion project and the additional financing has been delayed.

The Al Maktoum airport expansion project was planned to replace Dubai International. The Dubai International has been one of the world busiest airports for international travelers currently.

The AL Maktoum International project and the Dubai World Central aviation complex is expected to cost around $36 billion.

The airport is built in phases and expected to handle 200 million passengers a year, it would 2 times the current capacity of the Dubai international which is expected to handle 118 million passengers a year by 2023.