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On the election day, Uber Riders would be able to ride for free to the polls

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Uber, a peer-to-peer ride-sharing application, want the citizen of USA to not have a barrier to transportation while voting and on election day the company would make it easy for people to get to their polling places by offering their services free.

Uber, on 6th November, would offer riders the ability to book a free ride and find a polling place.  Lyft, a competitor to Uber would offer similar services to its riders at half the price on the Election Day.

Dara Khosrowshahi, the CEO for Uber stated in a blog post decisions are made by people who show up and vote. Uber would make it easier for citizens to show up at the polling place.

In a survey conducted in the 2016 election, 35 percent of the national youth stated lack of transportation to the polling place was the reason they did not vote.

The ride-sharing company is working with non-profit organizations to get riders and drivers to vote before the state deadlines. At over 125 the company would host registration drives throughout the country.