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Firefox ties ups with ProtonVPN to offer its users a premium VPN service

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Mozilla has started promoting its Firefox users to register and use its premium VPN subscription service, where a user can connect to an unsecured wireless network.

This premium VPN service currently been used by a handful of users in the United States. A Firefox user using the desktop version would see a popup suggesting they register for the service provided by ProtonVPN, a Swiss company which would cost them $10 per month.

In a blog post, Chris More, the head of Firefox growth stated that using a VPN would give the customer a lot of trust in its provider and would not only provide safety but also privacy.

The company stated that a user is not obliged to sign up to the service and can click on the box to prevent the message in appearing again in the future.

The company has been very open to people about it and states that it is not only about protecting a user online but also a new way to pay the company’s bill. Mozilla would be splitting the membership payment with ProtonVPN.

The VPN service is not the company first monetization experiment. Mozilla began testing Advertisements (Sponsored stories) which would appear when the user opens a new tab.

The advertisements are targeted to the users based on their interests but do not send any of the data collected from the users to Mozilla or any third parties. A user can also turn off advertising (sponsored stories) just like VPN prompts with a click.

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