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Ripple doubles its sales to $163 million of its tokens in the third quarter


Earlier this week, Ripple (XRP), a blockchain payment network for banks and other financial institutes, released its Q3 results. The report stated that the startup sold $163 million in XRP in its 3rd quarter.

The report released by the company stated that the sales of XRP token amounted to 0.43 percent of its total volume. The startup sold $65.27 million of its tokens programmatically by Ripple. The rest of the sales came as direct sales from Ripple subsidiary by XRP II, LLC.

The total sales of the tokens in the previous quarter totaled at $56.66 million and the rest of the sales of $16.87 million by Ripple subsidiary by XRP II, LLC.

As per the Data from Coinmaketcap, a leading cryptocurrency analyst, XRP is trading for $0.4591 with a market cap of $18.46 billion and currently the 3rd largest cryptocurrency.

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